About us

Established in the year 2015 by a group of Turkish investors, Sukur Hus kft. is the owner of the only slaughterhouse with the highest capacity for sheep/cattle in Hungary and the region that provides a complete Islamic Ritual Slaughter Halal, without captive-bolt gun stunning or any other stunning method. Our slaughter is done under full veterinary supervision and HACCP standard, we have been granted all the necessary licences by the European Union.

Other than livestock trading, our company deals with the wholesale of the HALAL meat that we slaughter in our slaughterhouse. 

By constantly increasing investments into the business our market share in the HALAL meat has shown a massive increase. With this we have been supplying the Muslim community in Hungary and other parts of Europe with high quality HALAL meat.

Our special fed live sheep from breeds such as Merinos,Berrichon,Ille de France, in Hungary, and also local Hungarian cattle, we are able to deliver the product to our customers without breaking the 3-5 degree chilling temperature.

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